«Rikor.IT» company is Russian server equipment vendor. EcoServer R210 is the first Russian server from Rikor EcoSystems family, based on Marvell ARM Armada XP processor

Rikor EcoSystems Family - modern platform for  IT-infrastructure of up-to-date Datacenter and cloud solutions.

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Marvell Armada XP MV78460


Marvell Armada XP MV78460 processor is a quad-core ARM processor designed for enterprise-class cloud computing applications. The Marvell Armada XP employs a very low power architecture and incorporates four Marvell designed ARM V7 MP compliant 1.6GHz CPU cores. The ARMADA XP delivers the best performance per watt to empower emerging cloud computing applications ranging from high performance networking and web servers to media servers and dedicated hosting servers.


The main Armada XP features are:

-  SoC (System-on-a-chip) architecture

-  One VFP (Vector Floating Point) coprocessor for all CPU cores

-  SMP/AMP/Mixed multiprocessing with hardware-based cache coherency

-  I/O cache coherency

-  High-performance security engines

-  Supports Thump-2 and thump-EE (Jazeelle) instruction sets for faster processing of the JAVA bytecode

-  Supports Linux, Unix like operating systems*


Technical specification:


Number of Cores



Clock Speed

1,6 GHz

L2 Cache

2 MB

Instruction Set

32 bit

Number of Memory Channels


Max Memory Size

16 GB



Integrated Gigabit Ports


PCI-e 2.0 lanes

up to 16


10 W

OS supported:
  • ArchLinuxARM v7
  • debian 6
  • debian 7
  • ubuntu 12.04
  • ubuntu 13.10
  • slackware 14.1
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