Abuse: Claiming procedure against your client for violation of your copyright?

We won’t accept your claim/complaint about violation of copyright and associated rights unless made in writing and delivered to us by registered mail.

Our postal address: 10 Olympic prospect, Mytishi, Moscow region, Russia 141009, Attn: Pallada Web Service LLC.

The claim/complaint should include:

  • Applicant name (first names and surname — for individuals, full trade name — for companies);
  • Registered address — for companies, registered address and/or place of residence — for individuals (apartment /suite, street, city, region, republic/country and zip code), i.e. the address to which a reply to your claim/complaint should be sent to; and your e-mail address;
  • State registration certificate data — for companies; identity document (passport or its equivalent) data — for individuals;
  • Your claim/complaint should specify the grounds for its filing and all material facts. If any materials/documents/information etc. are available on any websites and that violates any copyright, your claim/complaint should necessarily indicate full references to specific page (pages) of the website on which the given information and materials are located.

Also the claim should state that the applicant undertakes to indemnity for losses incurred by the Operator in case of unauthorized banning a website, if afterwards the claim is proved to contain false information about violation of the applicant copyright.

The claim should be accompanied by certified copies of documents proving the applicant copyright. All pages of such enclosed copies should be signed and stamped by the applicant company chief executive; and such enclosed copies should be certified by a notary public if the applicant is an individual. The claim/complaint made for and on behalf of a company should be signed and stamped by its chief executive or by any authorized representative acting under the power-of-attorney, the copy of which to be enclosed. The claim made for and on behalf of an individual applicant should be signed by the applicant itself; and the signature on the claim should be certified by a notary public.

All claims/complaints are being considered within 60 days. If a claim is accepted for satisfaction and infringing materials could be directly deleted with any technical means, the company shall take all necessary measures and shall notify the applicant about it by e-mail indicated in the claim. If a claim is not accepted for satisfaction or the remedy is not feasible, the company shall provide the applicant with the grounds for its refusal in writing by mail to the address indicated in the claim.

Any claims made by anonymous or delivered by e-mail or fax shall not be accepted and considered.

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