DDoS Protection / Light 2Gb/s

Basic Specification of
Light 2Gb/s
Fee per month $1,085 If you order additional services subscription, fee increases to the monthly cost of these services. Subscription fee and the cost of additional services does not depend on the number of days in the billing month. For example: Client connect to the service on the 25th of the current month - the amount of the monthly fee for that month under condition of absence of additional services is $1,085.
Deposit $100 Used as a guarantee of solvency if traffic limit is exceeded.
Activation under DDoS attack (per 1 IP, lump sum) $215 If your site is not under DDoS attack, it's free.
Guaranteed availability (total per month) 97% In case of unavailability of the site over the total of 21.6 hours per month we'll refund fee paid for the relevant settlement period.
Minimum accounted interval of unavailability, min. 30 When calculating the total time of unavailability of the site this month, intervals shorter than 30 minutes are not counted.
Max DDoS band filtering 2 Gbit/sec Band of DDoS traffic which will be parsed by system is limited to 2 Gbit/sec. At excess of traffic (undesirable and legitimate total) Customer will be prompted to switch to corresponding plan. Next, we wil proportionally restrict the flow of the unwanted and legitimate traffic to the total level below the specified speed.
Chargeable traffic legitimate Prevailing (maximum of incoming and outgoing) legitimate site traffic will be charged.
Included traffic 5 Mbit/sec According to the rule of rounding chargeable traffic down, prevailing traffic less than 6 Mbit/sec will not be charged.
Maximum legitimate traffic bandwidth 10 Mbit/sec Legitimate traffic to your site is limited to 10 Mbit/sec.
Traffic fee (over included limit, per Mbit/sec) $20 Example: traffic for the month was 8.5 Mbit / s. Given rounding down rule the chargeable band is 8 Mbit/s. Thus payment of 5 Mbit/s is already included in the monthly fee. Total payment for the traffic - 3 Mbit/s is multiplied by $20 = $60.
IP adress 2 By default, the customer is given 2 IP-addresses of our network. This address can be mapped to one or more sites that will suit one set of analyzing and traffic filtering rules.
Max IP adresses 5 Under the contract customer has the opportunity to get maximum amount of 5 IP-addresses.
Maximum response time for a request 120 min. During this time, our technical support staff will respond to requests concerning service information or change the services. Requests are placed in your account on the website.
Custom filters n/a We can modify the traffic filter rules on your website according to non-standard network algorithms. Example: requests filtering based on control of speed of their receipt to the different sections of a website.
Other options
Additional IP, per month $200 If additional IP-address you have ordered is not received DDoS traffic, one-time payment for their allocation will be charged.
Notification about incidents by phone, per month We can inform you about DDoS-attacks on your website not only in your account, but operatively by phone.
HTTPS filtration w/ disclosure of certificates (per domen, lump sum) $200 Customer sends us a SSL-certificate, then HTTPS-traffic terminating on our network, analyzed and transmitted to the protected server over an encrypted channel. Payment for this service will be charged an additional lump sum and no further monthly payments. HTTPS traffic is charged in total traffic.
HTTPS filtration w/o disclosure of certificates (per domen, lump sum) $400 Set fee for connection and configuration of services. Further a monthly fee will be charged (see next paragraph).
HTTPS filtration w/o disclosure of certificates incl. access to API (for domen per month) $300 HTTPS-traffic is transmitted to the protected server by IPIP-tunnels. Management of black and white lists provided by our custom code, integrated in the protected application. For this it granted access to our API. In case of attack HTTPS access is available only from the white list addresses. Possible that the customer gives us access to log-file of protected resource - our system will analyze the behavior of the site users according to the file. HTTPS traffic is charged in total traffic.
Access to API, per month $200 API (application programming interface) is available within the service to control black and white lists of IP-addresses of the protected site and filtering policies at the network perimeter.
Standard reports In your personal account you can see traffic reports detailed in 3 minutes to analyze DDoS-threats to your site.
Advanced incidents reports, per month You can get monthly e-mail reports with analysis of traffic to your site for an extended list of parameters.


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